Essay On Power Of Knowledge

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Do you know what I know? Does she know what we know? Do we know the same secret? Do you know that I know that you know? Do you have the answer to everything? Do you have the key to knowledge? All point to one answer that could change everything. The power of knowledge is a gift that not everyone can comprehend. We learn to be be street smart if not proper, or how to drive a car, but not always well. Some occurrences in this life will happen to be of no use to us in the future. Things we say we hate, will never use again, or just refuse to hear about. Other times it will be later on that we wish we would have listened before. This is when it hits us that knowledge is power. So please keep reading. What I want for you to do is close your eyes,…show more content…
All the studying, the research done even when no one believed him, wasn't all for nothing. When he succeeded, though, even he was overwhelmed at the power. What can we do with knowledge that is too dangerous for the world to know? When you discover the key to life through thick and fantastic possibilities...Are you going to share your secret with the world? Inside you knew that the truth could destroy and devastate everyone. Imagine trying to bring back Grandma by going through terrifying measures, and even when it worked she was not the same. The true power could destroy you and violate your human morals. Destroying nature by creating life seems hauntingly beautiful, but we discover this is not how it should be done. This is not how it is supposed to be. The power of knowledge has always been around, but we know enough to listen now, and through that we can become the greatest person we each can be. Through the destruction there is even beauty. Even when we know what is coming we all know there is a calm...The violation of the sharing the true knowledge of nature would be a disgrace to humankind. This might as well be a disgrace to
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