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A big dream of a little girl who has ambition wanted to go to study aboard a time of LIFE. It has many countries that come across and attract me, however in my mind just have one country that is Korea. I begin to learn about Korea again and I knew that Korea has a good scholarship, Korea government scholarship program, which this scholarship is a great and important opportunity for me.
Currently, everybody always knows about a lot of places, Korea music industries, food, and Korea series. Nevertheless, to me, my first impression about Korea is Korea alphabet. It is so interesting and it is a motivation brings me start to learn the Korea language. When we learn a language, one thing that comes together is the culture which makes me know more about Korea. After that I was a K-pop fan, I have many friends in social no matter Thai and foreigners and it is important that I knew Korea government scholarship program, which is a great scholarship that has many opportunities for everyone. My ambition is more and more, I always tell myself “you must apply for Korea government scholarship program, don’t let the important opportunity go”. I learned about Korea more and more. Korea education system is great; don’t lose any country in the world. They can make students to be a good quality student for going to work. A
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Learning a new experience can change the LIFE. You don’t succeed if you don’t have an attempt. Korea government scholarship program can change me and give me a new world. The new experience I can tell other people who don’t know well about Korea and I believe that can develop a relationship between Thai and Korea much more. My Korean language skill is a beginner and I am assured of this scholarship can develop me to advanced skill. So this scholarship is the important opportunity for me. This is reasons ‘Why I am interested in Korea and Korea government scholarship

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