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During my childhood years, I remember reading and watching Korean historical dramas, cartoons, and history books with my younger brother. Being exposed to Korean history at such a young age was the biggest influence on my growing interest in wanting to enter the History field. I am thankful that my father, who has a huge interest in Korean history and who has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Confucian Studies at the oldest Korean university, had the skills to teach both my brother and me how to write and decipher the Hanja texts, which are Chinese characters used before the Korean alphabet system, Hangul. He also taught us how to compare Korean history to both Chinese and Japanese history. I remember reading and watching the creation and developments of different kingdoms…show more content…
After interacting with the students, I have realized that I want to become a history professor and that I want to continue my service during and after my stay at UW Tacoma. By starting at the local level, I hope that I can connect and help other Korean communities in other states/countries, and hopefully inspire other non-Korean communities to also take in interest in not only Korean history but also their own ancestor's history. Hopefully, this can start a multicultural movement in which allows both Korean and non-Korean communities to come together. I believe that UW Tacoma will help me obtain both my personal and academic goals by providing resources that will allow me to further ponder and generate my own opinions and questions as a scholar. I am truly grateful that the Tacoma campus has the Asian history option and by being able to get access to learning materials such as textbooks and primary source documents, it will allow me to properly learn the background knowledge of main concepts and ideas. I would also be able to create and mend new relationships with professors and students who share similar and or different interests by attending school clubs and programs specific to the history

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