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MOHAMMAD SAMNIRUL BIN SAMAT 2010141803 KOREAN PANSORI MUG306 Korea Korean music are divided into three periods, which are the ancient period, medieval, and modern. Most of the music from the ancient period had been discovered during the Goryeo Dynasty. There are three characteristics during the Goryeo Dynasty. There are, ‘akkamu’, ‘kamu’, and also the ‘angmu’. ‘Akkamu’ means music, dance and songs.’Akkamu’ consists of dance, music and song. Meanwhile ‘kamu’ means dancing and singing. Moreover, the ‘angmu’ means dance and music. Basically all the three characteristics are related to one another as it sums up the dynasty’s music. Most of the ancient music and dances are meant to worship their religion’s ritual. The akkamu had introduced some new instrument from Central Asia during Three Kingdom period and also developed ‘hyangakki’ that means indigenous instrument in each of the Three Kingdom. The advent of Three Kingdom had created music institution to support the aristocrates, palace musicians and dancers and also the royal cultural life. Most of the development in music during the Three Kingdom had influenced Japanese court of music. As a conclusion, Korean traditional music can be divided into four types which are…show more content…
Pansori usually performed by a sorikkun and a gosu. Sorikkun is the nickname for the vocalist while gosu is the nickname for the drummer. Pansori is a muga (shamanistic song). Other than that, pansori is also influenced by pannorum (non-ritualistic public entertainment). Pansori was created during the 17th century, in the middle of the Joseon dynasty. During the 18th century, the pansori had grown more mature. Then finally during the 19th century, with an increase of popularity and advance technique, pansori had achieved their golden age. With the vocal techniques and melodies, they intended to reveal more pansori to the upper class during the 19th

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