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Kurama, the god of nature, means “leaf” in mesopotamia (not really). Kurama was also what the village of Konohagakure which meant “the village hidden in the leaf” worshipped.
Kurama was born from the god of water, Mizu, and the god of Soil, Tsuchi. When Kurama was born, he saw land. Desolate land. He decided there was too much red and not enough green. He raised trees from the ground and grass from the roots. While he was raising the trees, Kurama also created Kage, the god of shadows. It happened because the trees casted shadows. Before, there were no shadows because the world was completely flat. It was completely accidental though.

A few millennia passed, and humans started evolving. They built city-states and temples that worshipped the ancient deities. Kurama was angry though, because humans never worshipped him. They considered him a nine-tailed fox that terrorized major city-states.
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When he formed different hand signs, he could do magic. He told the priests in the city-state about his powers and the priests told him he had been blessed by a god. That god now lived inside him. When the priests asked what god was inside Naf Nosaj, he said Kurama. The priests had a shocked look on their faces. They told Naf Nosaj that Kurama was an evil Nine-tailed fox demon. The priests had an angry look on their faces so Kurama came out and asked Naf Nosaj if he could borrow his body for a moment.
Naf Nosaj transformed when Kurama took over and now looked like a old man with an extremely long beard. He had purple eyes with black lines in a ripple like pattern. The old man’s hair was brown and he was wearing reed clothes. Kurama said that he was not a demon fox but was actually a regular god. He teached the priests about the hand signs that allowed Naf Nosaj todo magic. The priests were sorry that they thought Kurama was an evil demon and asked for redemption. Kurama forgave the
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