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Ethiopia has a lot of languages, 88 different languages in total. Each of these languages are spoken in different places in Ethiopia and have a different amount of people speaking it. The official Ethiopian language is amharic. Not everyone speaks the same language.

There are 4 types of languages spoken in Ethiopia, the semitic languages ( spoken in the central, northern, eastern side of Ethiopia), the Cushitic languages ( central, southern and eastern side of Ethiopia), the Omotic languages (spoken between the southern rift valley and Omo river according to, and the nilo-saharan languages ( western side of Ethiopia and at the border of sudan). The difference between semitic and Cushitic language are the characters and alphabet used. The semitic languages use the ge’ez script ( an ancient written language that came from sabean alphabet). The Cushitic language uses both ge’ez and roman alphabet. The 2 most widely spoken languages are Oromo and Amharic. Oromo is a Cushitic language. Around 34 percent of the population in Ethiopia (around 25 million people) speak Oromo.
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According to a official language is “a language that is accepted by a country’s government and thought in schools, used in court of law”. This means that amharic is the central government language. Amharic is used for political affairs within the country and is taught in schools. In the book Ethnic diversity and federalism, tesfaye fessha, page 197 there is a rule (article 39) which states that every ethnic group in ethiopia can develop, write and speak their own language to keep their culture. This would mean that different states and governments around Ethiopia can have its own language. For example in oromia the working language is oromo so they learn and oromo in school. In ethiopian school systems amharic and English are taught from low

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