Essay About Leading In Life

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It is said,everything that happens in life happens for a reason and anything and everything that one goes through teaches a new thing. I strongly belive in leading my life the way I want to..and let the other's live the way I want parents have always supported me in every good I have done..and nd have always been a part of all my decisions. I would like to share one of the instances that I went through recently,which actually taught me a lot of things and made me even more stronger. There was,okay I don't know if I am suppose to be saying the was or is a friend of mine ,however we have been situational friends from the past few years. We met each other when we were going through the same situations in life. Both have been great support…show more content…
I then asked her if I actually was spoiling her life, because I had that thought in my mind about what she said. She replied saying, "when you try to change others thinking, you should be very confident about what you are thinking, and said what you are doing Is right.. I had a smile on my face. Today..I don't speak to her..sounds very childish, but after hearing what not from her, mom very clearly told me..Do not interfere on her life anymore..your role in her life and her role in your life Is over. Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning.. let out all your guilt and start off new and fresh. Mom has always told me, it's only how you think of the situation that matters, you take it in a positive way you get positive results and you take it in a negative way you land up getting something which you never expected out of your life. So it is important to understand why someone is saying something and then react accordingly, jumping into conclusions would take you nowhere but you might just end up in troubles. I would like to share a small story which we all can relate
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