Essay About Legacy For Life

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In the year 2025, I see myself graduating out of Penn State University and getting into a job as a forensic scientist. I just walked off the steps of the stage, I have graduated college. I previously finished high school in the Medical Science program in Freehold Borough High School. I worked through the tough times, easy times, strict teachers, easy teachers in both high school and college, I finally made it. I wanted to leave a great legacy for my teachers and friends to remember me by. A legacy is something you leave behind and how you are remembered. I do not want to leave a legacy behind as being lazy, mean, or undependable, therefore I leave have a positive attitude towards people. I will be remembered by being hard working, organized,…show more content…
Success is not necessarily obtaining all of one 's goals, but knowing you tried your hardest. Some things that are important to me are my family, my friends, softball, my grades, and my treatment of other people. These things are all very important to me because they have helped me get farther in life. My family and friends are essential to my life. My family has been with me step by step to help me work for and achieve my goals. Without my parents, I wouldn’t have been on a travel softball team or be the person I am. My friends have been by my side through thick and thin. Some things I value are happiness, wisdom, compassion, challenge, humor, determination, honesty, and love. These are all significant to me because these are something you need in your life to push forward. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” (-Colin Powell) This is a quote I live by because it will help me through life and help me leave a legacy. I encourage you to join in out of school activities, and care about who you want to be as you get older. Anything can affect your reputation or how people look at you so please remember to put thought into how you want to be
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