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Lesson 1 introduces terms and definitions in the field of leisure, recreation and play studies and explores both twentieth and twenty first century theorists and their viewpoints on leisure. This introductory lesson forms the basis for an understanding of recreation and outdoor studies. I hope it will trigger your imagination and your desire to learn more , enjoy and maximize your time.

Learning Objectives
After completing this lesson, you should be able to accomplish the following:

1. define leisure, recreation, game, play & sports experiences
2. identify common terms associated with the field of leisure studies.
3. identify the conceptual foundations that underlie play,
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What are some common constraints, or limitations, on leisure? In answering if we have our leisure time , we must consider the factors of time, family, and work because of their great influence on our ability to engage in leisure. Researchers have coined the term perceived freedom to address the paradox that while we are never truly free of all obligations or compulsions, we perceive that these forces have limits. For instance, we don't do the washing that should have been done last week, we skip lunch break, or we don't do our homework in order to steal a few moments of "perceived freedom." In other words, we think we are free of obligation, but in reality, we can always find things that would keep us from having free time. It becomes even more difficult to find leisure time when we, for example, have children, work two jobs, and take an online college course. Most of us can think of any number of factors that constrain our ability to enter into the elusive state of being we call leisure. In summary , we should agree that leisure is accomplished in residual, leftover, or unobligated time. Sometimes we study while watching television, texting a friend or listening to music. This is not something I suggest, but it happens all the time. We might also take our child to a soccer game, drop him or her off, then do the shopping and marketing and later return to pick up our child while making a dinner reservation for that night on our cell phone. What a busy schedule we have
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