Essay About Lies In The Crucible

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Fear is strong and manipulative, it can cause individuals to do the wrong things for their own safety and protection. In other words; souls lie for their own well being and secureness. The Crucible has an exceeding amount of lies throughout the entire book followed by characters. However most of the lies are a result from conflicts with one of the main characters who is the reason for the whole chaos; Abigail. A popular saying, “One lie leads to another”, this saying describes The Crucible sufficiently, the book consists of lies, that lead another and another, eventually by the end of the book families and relationships are torn apart. Loving someone interferes from telling the truth when in a bad situation. At one point of the novel, Elizabeth protects the man she loves even if she knows he cheated on her with Abigail. During the trial she is questioned on behalf of her husband, Proctor, “Danforth, reaches out and holds her face, then: Look at me ! To your own knowledge, has John Proctor ever committed the crime of lechery? In a crisis of indecision she cannot speak. Answer my question! Is your husband a lecher! Elizabeth, faintly: No, sir” (Pg.108-109). This scene demonstrates that even if Proctor did commit his mistake with lechery, she still loves him and therefore decided to protect him from death. As a result of her lying for Proctors well…show more content…
For example in act three she claims she sees a bird and screams out, “Abigail, with a weird, wild, chilling cry, screams up to the ceiling. Abigail: You will not! Begone! Begone, I say!”(Pg. 109) Abigail is one of the most inconsiderate, shallow and careless person there is in the Crucible, she does not realize that she is always affecting the life of the man she is rooting to stay and have all for herself. If Abigail really loved Proctor she should care and keep him safe from
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