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I choose to write about the Life after Death because it has always been an interesting topic to me. This question was talked about several times in my life, even from a very young age. As a child I attended an Apostolic Church. You could say that life after death was the corner stone of every sermon. Instead of facing life after death with excitement for Heaven it was faced with fear. I remember church services with screaming, running, and fear. Then as a teenager our family attended a Pentecostal Church. Attending the Pentecostal Church was not much different than the Apostolic Church. They had the same belief in life after death. I do not believe preaching brim stone and fire every weekend is a healthy approach to teach children about Jesus…show more content…
I remember one of my first confessions with a priest and he told me life after death should not be faced with fear. Now I am excited about heaven and to see what god has in store for us after death. Instead live your life in peace and let God take care of the rest. At some point in our lives, I believe we all ask ourselves, Is there life after death? Our parents, friends, or religious leaders may have persuaded us either way. Eventually though you have to decide for yourself. I think that there is life after death. I believe that life after death is either Heaven or Hell. I do not believe that certain groups are entitled to heaven over others. All who believe in God and except Jesus as their savior can go to…show more content…
The cycle of birth is when your soul dies it moves to another body. Once your soul has achieved the ultimate goal of moral and spiritual, your soul is absorbed into the Universal Soul. Some people in America believe this as well. This is very similar to reincarnation in which a person dies and is reborn in another human form or animal. This way of thinking seems to suggest that a person keeps being born over and over until they get it right. It is almost like you have to keep living lives on earth until you make the right choices and live a life that is

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