Why Is Sanremo Important

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Liguria and surroundings.

Learning to win the lands from the mountains, the inhabitants of Liguria managed to make them fertile, growing olives and vineyards on the slopes of the mountains, descending to the sea. A unique geographical location at the foot of the mountain arc, mild climate, crystal clear sea, the oldest historical evidence turned Liguria into one of the most attractive places for tourists.
Here you can not find the wide, spacious beaches of the south of Italy, but there are no equal to incredibly beautiful landscapes and a transparent sea among rocks and secluded bays. Bright sun, luxurious colors of nature, evidence of the laborious work of man, works of art from different eras,
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He also dedicated a special holiday called "Flower carts", when real works of art, consisting of fresh fresh flowers, are carried every year at the end of winter by wagon along the streets of the city, arranging a colorful procession and welcoming the spring. "The Feast of the Goddess Flora" was born in San Remo in 1904 and eventually turned into a unique spectacle, which every time trying to about 60 thousand spectators, especially for this coming to San Remo.

Another exciting event that draws attention to San Remo is the rally (officially called Rallye Sanremo), one of the most important sporting events in the city and the surrounding area, held here since 1928.
Every spring at the end of March, the Milan-San Remo bike ride is held. For one day cyclists must overcome 290 km, this is one of the longest bicycle trips of one day, in which both Italian and foreign athletes take part.

San Remo cuisine, like the entire Ligurian coast, is dominated by the taste of seafood. Basil with garlic, cheese and pine nuts - the ingredients of the famous pesto, which are run by local types of pasta - Trenette and Trofie. And on the sweet - "Baci di Alassio" traditional chocolate, consisting of two
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