Essay About Loneliness

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Feeling lonely has always been a problem in my life. Especially in my younger years in middle school. I never really knew how to deal with it when I was younger. I grew up as an Air Force brat, my family and I moved more times then I could count with both my hands. So, the problem with making friends at such a young age was hard for me. I always felt like it was me more then anything. I always felt like I didn’t something wrong as a kid. When I moved to a new school none of the kids would talk to me and leave me out of all the games even class projects. Even seven years later my mind still can’t let go of that damn word. Every time I hear that six-letter word brings me back to a 11-year-old boy sitting in a bathroom stall not wanting to go back to class knowing no one will notice him.
When I first got to Blevins Middle school in Fort Collins, Colorado I was excited and ready to go. In my mind
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It was my first every playing football and I was one of the starters and one of the best players. I didn’t really realize how athletic I was and how fast I was. Due to my family always moving everywhere, I didn’t really get a chance to play a sport at all. I did play tea ball when I was in elementary but for only a month and kids at that age aren’t them most athletic. After the football season I tried out for the basketball team, wrestling team and baseball team, and was a started on all of them. People knew me and actual wanted to talk to me for once. I actual felt wanted and not lonely for the first time in my life.
Sports has been a big part of my life for years now. When I’m playing a sport that’s when I feel most free and wanted. Sports have changed my life in a huge way I’ve formed relationships I will have for years, I’m more confident in myself as a person, and I’m going to college because of it as well. I think sports can change peoples lives for the
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