Essay About Loneliness In Life

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Loneliness - my experience… Loneliness is something we have all experienced, however there are always different extents to which it has been experienced by each one of us. In many cases people deny that they feel lonely from time to time, but deep inside we all know, that it’s an undeniable fact. Every person has different circumstances in life, which leads to some of us experiencing what being lonely is like at a very young age and some of us having the experience being older. Being older, doesn’t necessarily mean being more mature. It always seems that when you are an adult, it is easier to deal with loneliness and that might be true, however there are more exceptions than we see. Most kids, children, teens that experience loneliness and…show more content…
Everything changed and my life got crushed in pieces when I was 10 years old and my grandmother died. She died due to the lack of care and knowledge of the Russian doctors, who weren’t able to help with a disease (meningitis) that could have been easily cured if they would have had at least a simple interest in helping! My mom was of course heartbroken, and everyone seemed to realize how terrifying it is for her, but no one was really there for me. I was all alone, dealing with the death of one of the most important persons in my life. She was gone, and I had no one by my side that I felt confident enough to share with. After a little while I started doing absolutely miserably in school, lying to my mom so much, that after a certain amount of time, my teacher called her and told her everything. My mom was so shocked that she could not believe it, my lies lasted for probably about a year and after sometime she has of course forgiven me, but I was all alone through all of this again. I felt so lonely and broken that……I wanted to end my life. I went to the extent of writing a good bye note, many times, but I always stopped myself, believing and on some level knowing that I had to fight and that I had to live at least for my mom, because she does for me. I’ve stopped thinking about ending my life and suddenly my father appeared in my life, he was always somewhere there, but never actually there for
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