Essay About Long Distance Relationships

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When both people in a relationship and it 's a committed one, both partners have to know that when you decide to do long distance for both careers that there 's are going to be issues and you need to set down time with each other. If both partners are scared of what the long distance is going to do to the relationship then you need to make sure that you have communication, trust, and time. (I still need to get a thesis) There are many things, causes, that happen with a long distance relationship. The main thing that people need to make sure that they understand is that the other partner needs to know that you are serious about the relationship. There are going to be trust issues mainly because people don 't have other people ‘looking’ out for them.…show more content…
There are many ways that people can find solutions to in a relationship. To help out with the causes of long distance relationships as in trust, insecurities, communication and time, people in these relationships have to understand that each partner is going to over think and think the worst in things. To help with trust and insecurities people in relationships should randomly make them feel that they don 't have anything to worry about and that they do want the relationship to work even though people can 't see their significant other as much as they did and as much as they would still like to. The other thing is communication and time, to help with that and to fix that problem each person in the relationship should set some time away from the busy life that they have to have a conversation with their partner. Not the type of conversation where its short and people seem like they could care less what their person is doing and how they have been doing. People need to go into deep conversations and actually talk to their partner. They need to set a weekend to visit each other, and spend specific time alone with their partner. With doing that you should be able to fix the problem of the effects of the
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