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Mommies has the most treasured and difficult task on their hands whenever they give birth to their little bundle of joy. Being pregnant is most joyous for mothers to be but after giving birth, it can be a dreaded situation since it’s hard to lose the weight that you gained during pregnancy. But here’s the deal, did you know that when you breastfeed it can actually help in losing weight? The reason why mommies actually don’t lose the weight after giving birth is because fat stores in your body but when you breastfeed, you eliminate this altogether. If it does happen that you don’t eliminate the weight, there are ways of keeping a healthy body yet breastfeed your child as well.

What should you eat when you are breastfeeding?

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Eat 2-6 times per day is the advisable norm during these periods. Slowly lose the weight. Breastfeeding is your number 1 priority now and when you lose weight immediately it also means that you can produce harmful toxins for your child. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, find out what are the best diet plans that you can follow and never do any dietary shortcuts. Weight lose is not same in every case. Don’t be sad if your friend lost more weight than you did. It differs from case to case since some bodies develop faster metabolisms than others. Hunger – less energy. Never let yourself go hungry whenever you are breastfeeding. Whenever you feel hungry, this means that you have less energy to perform your task effectively. Especially since you have a new baby, you need all the energy you can get and eating will help in doing so. Supplements/vitamins & minerals – This is very important. Keep your body healthy and always take your daily supplements to provide you with the needed vitamin and minerals that you need. Before doing so though, ask your physician if what you are taking is good for both you and the baby. It is always better to ask and be sure than to find complications in the

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