Essay About Love In Great Expectations

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Love. Love is a very fickle emotion that affects an individual drastically. It can cloud a person’s perception of someone and can cause one to act in a way that they would normally never do. Love is what caused Pip, a young character from the novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, to drastically change from an innocent boy to a foolish man. As a child, Pip was always sweet yet dilapidated beyond repair, because he was neglected as a child. So, when he found someone that he “loved”, he latched on immediately and didn’t let go because he was afraid of abandonment. Pip’s first time meeting Estella, his first love, and his experience in the Satis House changed him in such a way that he can never revert back to the person he was. He grew such a strong feeling of love…show more content…
Everyone in the world at one point of time, has changed themselves to fit in with a niche, to be similar to the one you love, or for some other reason. Many unlucky people in the world have faced one-way love, or love that is not reciprocated, and have been influenced by it, much like Pip was. Chances are that, just like Pip they continued pinning for their partner because of the dopamine they get when they are with them. However, it is important to remember that you decide your life and your story. If you want something deeply, you can get it. In that way, it is possible to get a happy ending even after experiencing something similar to what Pip felt. In the end, Pip became friends with Estella, even after knowing that she was the cause for his change which lead to all his misery in life. A moral theme that was taught in Great Expectations is to not change yourself for anyone or any reason. It is important to always keep your individuality and not to be susceptible to being swayed by someone. Overall, everyone should be their own individual person and not change for
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