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In life, everyone strives to find their soulmate. We all want the picture perfect boyfriend or girlfriend to spend our time on Earth with. While some have a very specific list others just have a few basic needs. Most everyone wants something different, but we all have a common goal: finding someone that we can love, and will love us back. For me this person has to genuine and straightforward. I want a guy who will be honest with me about everything. In addition he has to be loyal, in my opinion that’s a no brainer. Furthermore, he has to believe in God. I myself grew up learning about God and I want to be able to share my beliefs with my significant other. Liking animals is also a must, I have always loved animals and if I were to date someone who didn't like pets, I would have a problem. I want to be able to have a deep conversation with my significant other, but at the same time be able have a joking relationship. The biggest thing for me really is they have to have a good heart, I want someone that will go out of his way just to help someone even if he doesn’t know them. Finally, and this may sound cliche, I want this person to not only be my boyfriend, but also my best friend. Even if I just had that I would be happy. Parents always want what is best for there child. Whether this be in life or…show more content…
My mom wants a guy that is honest, loving, loyal, and compassionate. These are great character traits and I can see why she would prefer a guy with these features. In addition, she wants someone who is tolerant, intelligent, and hard working. These are key traits to a successful person, as a result these are also expectable. Lastly my mom said that she wants a guy who is easy to talk to, loves animals, and is willing to travel. I was not expecting her to say willing to travel, but just like the others, when I thought about it, it made

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