Essay About Love In Of Mice And Men And La Mission

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Love is accepting and caring for yourself and others. The power of love is shown in the text Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, and in the film “La Mission” because George decides to accept Lennie in his life and treat him like a brother after his aunt dies. Also, Che learns to accept his homosexual son, Jesse, and care for him . These texts make it clear that love is accepting and caring for yourself and others, yet they also mention what love is not which is not accepting others for who they are. Love is a complex idea to grasp, but the two texts help us better understand this concept by showing us the conflicting bonds of George and Lennie and Che and his son Jesse. Love is not when someone can not accept and care for themselves or others. This is also shown in the film “ La Mission” when Che finds out that his son Jesse is homosexual and can not accept him, at first. In the film, Che and Jesse begin to fight, then Che tells Jesse, “I want you out of my house. You make me sick to my stomach. From now on you're dead to me.” Che finds out that Jesse is homosexual unexpectedly and becomes furious. He kicks Jesse out of his house, and tells him he wants nothing to do with him. This is not love because Che can not accept Jesse for being homosexual and he can not accept himself…show more content…
In the text, we see love between George and Lennie when George is able to accept that he is not like other men in traveling alone and accepting who Lennie is and caring for him like a brother. In the film, it is also shown between Che and his son, Jesse, when Che finds out that Jesse is homosexual. Che learns to accept him for who he is and learns to accept himself as Jesse’s father. Love can be both a positive or a bad experience that everyone will eventually go through but it all depends on the person you
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