Essay About Lowering The Drinking Age

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There has been a wide debate over whether or not the drinking age should be lowered from the age of twenty one to the age of eighteen, to lower the drinking age, with the hopes that it will prevent binge drinking of college students. Parents and guardians disagree and think lowering the drinking age will just result in a lower age binge drinking in high school students instead. While there are many negative sides to both of this argument, it is important that it be discussed instead of throwing it to the side. There are many solutions that can be made to prevent all of the negative things that could happen if the minimum drinking age was lowered, and if so then we need to start allowing our now considered adults to start to start drinking alcohol legally. There are many reasons as to why many parents and adults are very hesitant when it comes to lowering the drinking age, because they feel as…show more content…
“College students are being forced to drink in secret. So, on the occasion where they do drink, they celebrate and drink far too much (Do the Benefits outweigh the cons).” Many underage young adults want to drink alcohol, so when they cannot go to a bar they hide in a room and drink whatever they can because it might be the last chance for a while (Do the Benefits outweigh the cons).” By drawing young adults out of dorm rooms or homes and into more public places, such as bars and clubs it will result in them drinking less alcohol, and in a more safe environment. But, there are some solutions that could be approved by both
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