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I have thought about many careers that interest me, and becoming a makeup artist is what I really want to strive towards. A makeup artist is responsible for applying makeup to clients, and even sometimes those clients may be celebrities. A lot of times those clients will be getting their makeup done for certain events like weddings or formal occasions. Makeup artists can work independently or with a team. Not only can I work in salons, but I can work at makeup stores, like MAC cosmetics, as their makeup artist. Looking at the career fields, a makeup artist falls under the communications field and the performing arts cluster. If I want to run my own business it could also fall under the business, marketing, and management field under the personal…show more content…
From 2014 to 2024 the projected employment is said to increase by 19% and there will be 100 new projected job openings. A makeup artist works in any conditions depending on who their clients are and if they work at a salon or own their own private business. The workplace could be comfortable and private if I own my own business, or it could be loud and cramped if I work in a salon. Makeup artists tend to move to the location they are needed, so I will need to be prepared for all sorts of environments. If I want to make the most money possible, California has a high demand for makeup artist. Being a makeup artists whose only focus is makeup is a new job and has a lot of job openings in places like Los Angeles, California and Houston,Texas. Makeup artists are needed in places like California because people need to have their makeup professionally done when they walk the red carpet and appear on…show more content…
A hairdresser has to cut, dye, shampoo, and style hair. Doing hair is a beauty service just like doing someone’s makeup. Skin care specialists teach clients how to correctly take care of their skin, apply treatments to their face and body, and treat skin to improve the problem areas. Both hairdressers and skin care specialists have to maintain a clean work environment with properly sanitized tools and provide a specialized beauty service just like makeup artists. A fine artist is someone who creates original artwork. Fine artists learn new techniques and talk with customers to figure out what kind of art they want to purchase, which is similar to a makeup artist’s job.
After researching more about makeup artist, it reassures me that it is something that I want to do for the rest of my life. I absolutely love the art of makeup and would truly enjoy pursuing it as a career. I can go to school for a short period of time and go right into the workforce, which I think is a great option for me because I can start earning money sooner. Even though it isn’t traditional schooling, I think it is the right career path for

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