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Top Tips For Bridal Makeup: How To Eye Shadow Make-Up

Your look as woman matters a lot. Apart from augmenting your beauty, your make up and dressing code says volume about you and your personality. Although it is good and appealing to make up as woman doing it wrongly will turn you into a monster rather than adding to your natural beauty. Knowing how to make up or using a very good make artist is therefore highly recommended.

Owing to the necessity and the impact of your look to your relationship, we have provided a lot of useful information that would help you to get it right especially on your wedding day. Remember you just have a day of your life to get it done. Surely you would love to live a good imprint that you will always recline
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1. Begin by applying Peach Smoothie a little above the crease with the use of a pointed crease brush. With that same brush, apply Chickadee immediately under and mix with a soft dome brush.

2. With the use of a small crease brush, rub Showtime into the crease and mix towards the inner and outer third of the lid.

3. Strike Flame Thrower onto the inner and outer corner of the lid with the using a flat stiff brush and gently mixing together into the Showtime.

4. With the use of the same flat brush, apply Untamed towards the center of the lid, although allowing room to place Fortune Teller directly in the center. Blend out any harsh lines with the use of a clean soft dome brush.

5. Line the lower lash line with Showtime with the use of a pencil brush. Clean off the brush, and then use it to add a pop of Magic Act to the inner curve to show

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