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Our country,Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country with Malay, Chinese and Indian contribute as the major races. Hence,Malaysian dishes are derived from multiple cultural influences. Nontheless, rice and noodles still be the staple food among the different races. Besides rice, there are also some popular traditional foods at Malaysia. Malay food Malay have various type of traditional food.An Example of famous traditional food of Malay is Kuih-muih, that are food that consists of cakes, pastries and sweetmeats. Examples of famous kuih are Onde onde, Bahulu, Seri Muka, and Curry Puff. Onde onde is small round balls made of glutinous rice filled with sugar (normally palm or brown sugar) and rolled in freshly grated coconut. Bahulu is a tiny…show more content…
Tarian Lilin Also known as Candle Dance, it is performed by women who do a delicate dance while balancing candles in small dishes. Silat One of the oldest Malay traditions and a deadly martial art, Silat is also a danceable art form. With its flowery body movements, a Silat performance is very intriguing. Chinese Lion Dance Usually performed during the Chinese New Year festival, Lion Dance is energetic and entertaining. According to the legend, in ancient times, the lion was the only animal that could ward off a mythological creature known as Nian that terrorised China and devoured people on the eve of the New Year. Usually requiring perfect coordination, elegance and nerves of steel, the dance is almost always performed to the beat of the tagu, the Chinese drum, and the clanging of cymbals. Dragon Dance The dragon is a mythical creature that represents supernatural power, goodness, fertility, vigilance and dignity in Chinese culture. Typically performed to usher in the Chinese New Year, the Dragon Dance is said to bring good luck and prosperity for the year to come. Usually requiring a team of over 60 people, this fantastic performance is a dazzling display of perfect

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