Essay About Malaysian Speaking

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Malaysia is well known for its multi-races. There are three main races in this country, which namely as Malays, Chinese, Indians and some others minor races to name a few. Each races have their own mother tongue language (L1). We used to hear people are saying things like, “Everyone is comfortable to speak using their L1”. Based on this statement, it is discussable that speaking using L1 is good for multi-races country as the citizens can learn each other’s language. On the other hand, speaking using L1 indirectly caused each races not to converse with other races. Its’ either you do not understand the language or you do not know how to speak in that language. Based on the statement, I believe that Malaysians faced difficulty in communicating as they tend to speak using their L1 (Rushita & Mariatul Khusmah, 2006). In my opinion, it will be easier if workers speak using a union language, which is English. English is a language used globally in many developed countries. Malaysia also one of the country that uses English in daily life communication. In fact, Malaysians are used to English as most Malaysians are using English in their smartphone. Aside from that, many English words are used vividly by Malaysians. One of the example is ‘police and thief’ games. When the words are you used by the common citizen, they call it…show more content…
I found that English should be practiced since school as teachers have plenty of time to teach them to communicate in English. However, English should be balanced between writing and speaking as both of the skills are important for the future; university life and career. Another way to enforce the employees to communicate using English can be conducted by the employers. They should have taken opportunities to raise the employees’ awareness. Both of the steps seems easy to be implemented, however it took many effort by teachers and employers to execute the
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