Women During The Dark Ages

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Any person will think that Saudi women and women during the Dark Ages have nothing in common, for Dark ages were thousands of years ago, and they are living in different time and cultures. However, despite the time gap in the both the eras they still have minor similarities and difference for sure. Both live in societies that are male oriented, both are commanded by their husband, both have limited jobs. But they also have difference one has a voice and role, while the other has no voice neither role, and one can choose her husband, while the other can not, one gets paid equally with men, while the other get paid less.
Both societies in the Dark Ages and Saudi Arabia are controlled by men, and the man has the power over women. Both women’s lives were divided between family, marriage and religion.
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They usually work along their husbands and fathers in the fields, although they did not receive any recognition for their work. Some did other jobs such as writing, nursing, baking, spinning and weaving. Although Dark Ages women and Saudi women both have limited jobs, and can not be anything she want. However, Saudi women have a higher education so they can work as teachers or lawyers or even doctors which Dark Ages women can not. But both women whilst they work they are expected to cook, clean, and take care of children at the same time. In political side, Dark Ages women can not hold any position in government or serve as provosts or work as officials. While Saudi women have been part of the Shura Council, the top advisory body. The major difference between Saudi women and Dark Ages is even though the women during Dark Ages works the same job as the men and in the same factory she was paid less than men. Which caused women to have several jobs to earn the same pay. While Saudi women and men get paid
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