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Mass transportations have been widely used by many people to travel and go to their respective destinations because it is a way cheaper and convenient to use. In the Philippines, there are various land mass transportation patronized by many such as Rail Services Systems, Jeepneys, Buses, UVs, Taxi Cabs, Tricycle etc. There are three types of Rail Services System in the Philippines particularly in Metro Manila such as the Manila Light Rail Transit Systems (LRTA), Manila Metro Rail Transit System(MRTC) and Commuter Trail which all usually carries more than o twice of its maximum capacity and most of the time experiencing technical glitch and shortage of trains. The LRTA System is composed of two lines the LRT1 and LRT2, LRT Line 1 (Green Line) covering 20 stations, bounding Baclaran to Monumento and vice versa and LRT Line 2 (Blue Line) bordering the Recto to Santolan terminals with 11 stations. The MRTC System is said to be the…show more content…
On the Rail Services Systems, the Light Rail Transit patronizes by about 1,335,000 commuters entering and exiting on different stations of LRT Line 1 and 2, the Metro Rail Transit holds about 927,000 passengers entering and exiting daily on different platforms of Line 3 and the Commuters Trail has an average daily passenger of 45,000. The daily passenger traffic of buses is about 3,940,000 while taxi cabs have about 936,000 while the king of the road, jeepney, holds the greatest numbers of passengers of about 7,620,000 every day. Nowadays, many private vehicle owners choose to take public transportation rather than using their own vehicles for practicality purposes such as parking, toll and gasoline expenses aside from this, they will help in reducing the rampant traffic congestion in the country and emission of carbon dioxide while others still resort on using their own vehicles for convenience and security

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