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Angeli Louise Villapando J1B “The Perception of De La Salle Lipa’s Tourism Students Regarding the Status of Medical Tourism in the Philippines” Introduction Nature and Scope of the Problem This research paper talks about the economic status of medical tourism industry in the Philippines for the provision of analysis of the number of students who recognize the economic status and services of medical tourism. The report acquaints the students of the Department of College of Hospitality and International Tourism Management of what tourism students anticipate and learn in the growth of medical tourism in the Philippines. An article speaks about the development of medical tourism in the Philippines.Starting as a part of the tourism industry, it helps the formation of economic growth with regards to the quality of service and safety, sanitation, financial condition, facilities, treatments and available hospitals. In present situations, medical tourism makes improvements as to the results of other researches in aspects of economic growth and services.…show more content…
Generally, the respondent’s perceptions are: medical tourism is well - know in the Philippines, the country has a good quality in terms of medical services, it’s medical tourism industry provides the best choices for getting all the resources needed for medical services, it provides the best health education to those who are interested in medical tourism and it has cheaper prices of medical services than in abroad. But majority of the respondents as a whole are familiar with the processes of medical tourism due to their learnings in domestic tourism at their first semester of their first year college life and majority of the respondents don’t know anyone who has undergone medical tourism services. Those respondents who knew anyone, didn’t state the reasons for undergoing medical tourism in the Philippines.

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