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Some people look forward to meeting new people, but does it count if it’s only online? I believe that you can meet new people on the internet or social media, but I don’t think that you can necessarily call them your real friend. Ok so yes, the internet or social media whatever you choose to call it, can connect you with others you may have never seen but how can you tell if those bonds are true. Well for me I disagree that you can make friends online because friends on the internet are different from your real life friends. These so called friendship online don’t really last long because they mostly just come and go. There are a lot of issues and many factors that can come up with just making some online friends. Let’s get into it with supporting evidence from various sources on why you can or can’t make real friends.
Meeting new people can be a great thing but doing it solely online seems a bit unrealistic. There are things that don’t quite meet the eye even on a screen. You need to have a connection that goes deeper than just talking online or even facetiming because that could be all an act to get close to you for who knows what. Scientist have been involved to help us understand why as to this is and one of those
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Some advantages include that you can actually connect with many people throughout the country or state. The key to meeting an online friend offline, is to do a little research on them before meeting up. If you're still unsure, make a date to meet in a public place around a group of people and you might find that the person is who they are. Talking with people online can help you with your social skills and gives you a sense to speak your mind to someone who doesn’t know you and now you have someone to talk. I just don’t understand how people can be focused and put a lot of energy into an online friend when some hardly do that in real

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