Being A Mexican Culture Essay

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American, Asian, Russian, Mexican; we all belong to an ethnic group. While some let their culture and ethnic background define them others allow it to shape your life. Being a Mexican-American I’ve had to simultaneously learn two languages at once; Spanish for when I’m at home or with family and English only at school and with friends. Growing up, my parents didn’t speak much English, so my sister and I had to step up as the family translator. Speaking Spanish is important to my family in many ways, not only is it a way for us to communicate with our family in Mexico, but also a reminder of where we come from. Being from a Mexican family and growing up in Washington has influenced my life to be the way it is. Growing up, I had everything I…show more content…
I started to lose touch with the Mexican side of me. My Spanish started to lag, stopped celebrating our holidays, and only focused on American culture. I came to the realization that I was losing a part of me when I was asked to translate for the new kid in class, he had just moved to the U.S. from Mexico and didn’t know any English. I managed to do the majority of the translation, but as time went on it got more difficult explaining history. But at that point, we had already become friends and I was helping him with English and he was helping me improve my Spanish. Soon after I became more interested in the holidays they celebrate in Mexico, we started out with Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe waking up at 3 am and going to church, and then Dia de Los Reyes, where we cut the Rosca and hope we don’t end up with the baby Jesus doll. Now, I am president of Latinos Unidos, a high school club where we learn about the different Hispanic and Latino countries and their customs. I also got the privilege to plan Kentlake’s annual Culture Night, two years already. I have taken what I know and love, and decided to share it with those around
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