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The military draft has been a controversial topic for many years in American society. The idea of a military draft has drastically changed between World War II and the Vietnam War. During the times of World War II, military service and draft was widely accepted by many Americans. During the World War II era, citizens felt that they had an “unlimited liability to perform military service when required by the state” (James 2). But as time progressed, military service and draft in the Vietnam War, constructed many doubts amongst many Americans. The U.S. draft is controversial between many Americans opinions because of its unfairness.

What is a draft and what happens in a draft? First of all a draft occurs only when there is a national crisis, a crisis which requires more troops than the volunteer military can supply (Veterans for Peace). This requires a joint effort between the congress and the president. The president must sign a legislation put forward by congress to initiate the draft (Veterans for Peace). Once this legislation is put into effect a lottery based on birthdays determines the order in which registered men are called up by Selective Service (Veterans for Peace). After this, all parts of Selective Service are activated. This
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A government is “an organization in a specific geographic location which is dominant in physical force”, however, it is necessary to ensure proper use of force because force is not something to be taken advantage of (SoloHQ). Physical force may only be used in the sense of disciplinary reasons within its own government. And to enforce a military draft, the government is taking advantage their power of force, by not properly using it. In addition, the use of governmental force must be supported by laws of reason (SoloHQ). The main focus of force is to protect within the country or outside of it. Therefore, the judgment of the use of force must be
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