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Early history refers to Mindanao as the “Land of Promise”. It happened to be its legendary title because of Mindanao’s rich natural resources, because of its impressive tropical rainforest, fertile valley and great diversity. Mindanao is punctuated by five major peninsulas and five major mountian ranges, some volcanic in origin. It has an abundance of mineral resources such as iron, nickle, cooper, silver, gold, coal and limestone. It is neighbouring the countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. Its proximity to these two countries explains the very early migration of people between the countries (Ellis, 1998).

Fair Food International (2015) said that Mindanao is home to some of the world's largest pineapple plantation which contributes to the
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Created during 1990 of Novermber 6, to solve the problem of Muslim insurgency through Republic Act 6734. Dating back during 1974 particularly the regime of Ferdinand Marcos, this issue called the Tripoli Agreement was not genuinely implemented. This is about the settlement for a cease-fire, and the granting of autonomy and envisioned independent state would supposedly cover 13 islamicized enthnoliguistic groups in Mindanao, but this did not happen because of another conflict, that other provinces in Mindanao noticed and only during the Aquino Administration that it was implemented right. (Rodriguez 1997)

Peace in the Philippines is democratic, we have two meaning of peace: Negative peace which pertains to the absence of war and other direct violence or actual acts of warfare. And positive peace, that goes beyond the mere absence of violent conflict and it requires the absence of violence, the protection of human rights and the presence of social justice. (Aquino 2013). Others defined peace by stating more specific meaning such as it refers to the efforts towards minimizing indirect violence which reduces the life span and the quality of

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