Essay About Mobile Phones In School

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Did you know that out of 13-17 year olds 88 percent of them own a cellphone??
Well it’s true most kids own a cellphone because their parents need a way to contact them after school or from other events. But the thing is that some schools don’t allow the students to even bring their cellphones to school because they may cause a distraction. And even though they may cause a distraction they may also be very useful for other occasions. Students should be allowed to take their cellphones to school because most kids need to call their parents from sports or other extracurricular activities, the students live in a big city and need to contact their parents after school, and the cell phone would be helpful in case of an emergency at the school.
Students should be allowed to bring their
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Lastly, if there is an emergency happening during school, a student will need to reach the authorities, and will not be able to because they don’t have their cellphone at school with them. If an emergency happens during school, and a student has a cell phone, then they can easily contact the authorities, or a medical provider. If a school threat is inside the school, you will be able to contact the authorities, and tell them where the threat is. Lots of times cell phones have saved kids lives because one or more students call the authorities with their own cell phone to call about either a school shooter, or a medical emergency. Also sometimes with cell phones, and a school shooter, students would save lots of lives by contacting the authorities immediately. In other words, a cell phone can come in handy, and even save lives.
It is often argued that students shouldn’t be able to bring their cellphones to school, because it may cause a distraction, but really they are useful for school, parents, and even to save lives. Cell phones have been used many times by students to warn them that maybe they have tutoring after school, sports, or extracurriculars.
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