Essay About Money In The Great Gatsby

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Although money is not omnipotent, but no money is totally unacceptable, this proverb is so familiar to us all. It tells us how important money is! To be honest, we are spending money everyday, we use it for lunch, for shopping, for travel, etc. But it may difficult for us to imagine that people use it for love, for social status, for fame and true friends, while these are true to Gatsby. In the Great Gatsby, the author tells us a story about a man whose name was Gatsby, when he final became rich by his own effort, his lover can not accept him at all, people around him were just made use of his money, and they still looked down upon him because of his poor background. What a sad story! Through this story, we can learn that money is not so useful, maybe we can use money to buy a lot of things, but it does not mean rich can present everything. Gatsby’s…show more content…
But in this story, money did not play that role. At 1920s, it was called dark age in America, young adults were seeking for fame and status, they wondered how was Gatsby become rich. When Buchanan knew that Gatsby became rich because of liquor, he started to tease him. Because although Gatsby was rich, he still had a poor background which can not be changed. People at that time cared too much about blood relationship. Even a man did not do anyting and full of bad habits but had a noble blood relationship, people will respect him, meanwhile, no matter how rich a man or how deligent a man was but with a poor background, they will still look down upon him. This kind of situation has also happened in ancient China, at that time, people who born noble will spend their life happyly, because they not only have money but also have status, it seems that choosing a good family to born was so important. Otherwise, Even rich like Gatsby, he still was a poor man.Sometimes, money is not so useful at all, rich can not present everything, especially for
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