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Mongolia: Introduction to CULTURE. Once, considered one of the greatest empires, today it is the size of Alaska. Geographically Mongolia is a country landlocked between a 3,543-mile boarder with Russia in the north, and a 4,677-mile boarder with China in the south, east and west. It is home to the Gobi desert, taigas, steppes, beautiful lakes, rivers, grasslands, and forests. They experience harsh weather conditions with extremely hot and rainy summers and brutally cold winters. Climate changes region to region, in fact, tempters can fluctuate more than 30 degrees Celsius in a single day. The country has a population total of only (------) Million people . 1.1 Million live in the Capital city of Ulaanbaatar and a few other cities. While 40% of the population lives in nomadic and semi-nomadic communities spread across 21 provinces- aymags. Traveling and transportation is fairly difficult, 57% of roads are unpaved dirt tracks. However, Mongolians have traveled by culture for hundreds of years; relying on animals, such as Bactrian- a two humped Camel and horses- Mongolia’s most important animal. Life has changed little for the 21st century nomads. They are extremely mobile, live in traditional ger, and rely on animals for food…show more content…
The Mongolia Democratic association was created to allow multi-party systems and elections in government and to transition into a market economy. However, it was not till 1996 that Mongolia shifted from a Communist rule to Democratic parties. Today the country’s parliament is located in the capital city; it has a president who is the chief of state and the prime minister who is the head of government. The legal systems (criminal, civil, and administrative) are a combination of European and Russian Law systems. Mongolians transition from feudal system to communism to a democracy and free market economy; each introduced changes to the cultural

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