Essay About Moving To America

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As I ponder over my life, each memory seems identical to the other, and I find myself drifting through a reality of similar events that generate the same memories and emotions. Looking back further into my childhood includes memories of my homeland. I remember entering a new world at the age of five, where all of my later memories would be formed. This was when my family moved to the United States from Peru, my native country in the South. The complete change in culture and values truly impacted me when I first moved to Florida, and I reflect over the significant effect it has had on my character during the last thirteen years of my life. After the four years that I lived in Peru as a small child, my environment and daily routines almost disappeared when I moved to the states. In Peru, my entire life consisted of my rather large family, the sports and fun activities that I would play outdoors with my close friends, and the Preschool which I attended with my cousins. The Peruvian culture had been embedded in my heart, and I was accustomed to everything that a typical peruvian child was obligated to say and do. However, I knew little about the fact that my parents were packing our bags behind closed doors, and our family would sadly embark away from our home and our…show more content…
My writing of these incidents in this location, time, language, and manner, are solely credited to my family’s life-changing decision to travel to the unfamiliar land of America. This unforgettable experience signifies the detachment from my closest and most loved family, which I yearn to be with to this day. However, I can only remind myself that, perhaps, I am a better individual as a result of my journey across the globe, and that everything which occurs in life occurs for a
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