Essay About Moving To High School

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Growing up and moving on to High School is a frightening experience for several young children. On first day of High School, children can be afraid of not making any new friends or making any friends at all. Trying out for a sports can be nerve recking thinking that everyone isn’t going to make the team, and I don’t wanna be the one who doesn’t make it onto the team. Falling behind in High School is a huge deal, because without a high school education children will never be able to graduate and start the life they’ve been dreaming of all their life. Children are afraid they will get even more bullied than they were in Elementary School. Kids have this idea that once they get to High School they may not be able to make any friends. They have…show more content…
Students fall behind because they think the class is hard or is too much work they tend to give up; Students also fall behind because they don’t know how to manage their time. Becoming friends with older students can get you behind as well if you are spending all of your time on partying, and not studying and keeping your head not in the books. Also, meeting a boyfriend/girlfriend and investing more time in them can bring you far behind in school. The final reason young children are afraid to go to High School is they are afraid of there peers might bully them. Watching reality shows and movies such as Mean Girls that teaches you that your own bully can be your own friends! Children going to high school could be afraid of being bullied from past conflicts with elementary conflicts. Having older siblings and them telling you how many upperclassmen put lower-class men in the garbage cans. Children may not want to go to high school, because they might be afraid of not making any friends or not making the team. There is many people in high school that would love to help you out with your grades. The bullies who were your bullies may turn out to be your best
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