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What is so amazing for being a multilingual? Without a doubt, English has become an international language over the past few decades. In spite of that, certainly not everyone speaks English but some people think that there is no need for them to learn a foreign language when they know how to communicate in English. Being a monolingual instead of a bilingual or multilingual actually restrict ourselves from self-imposed. Anyway, there are a few reasons that can convince someone to study a foreign language include learning a new language can make a person more flexible, boost brain power and has more job opportunity.

First and foremost, one of the most significant reasons that every student should be required to learn a foreign language is they can be a
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Frankly said, students will start applying for jobs once they graduate from their alma mater, however, with the knowledge they have themselves are not enough to suffice the job requirements they are applying for. To illustrate this point, employers nowadays are seeking for job applicants that can not only write and read foreign languages, but to speak fluently in order to survive in the career world that is becoming more and more globalize. For instance, they will be able to communicate in several languages and cross cultural barrier if they were to be assigned to attend a meeting overseas. Moreover, being multilingual can expand career potential because it is a way to indicate a person’s openness towards diverse people, intelligence, flexibility and decision making skills which totally appease companies hiring plan these days, hence a graduate student with bilingual skills tend to stand out more than those who are monolinguals. All in all, it was said that those who have a wide knowledge of foreign languages will more likely to have a more exciting job opportunities than those who do
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