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Music has always been part of my life, including singing in the choir for my church and learning how to play the piano over the summer. There are a lot of goals that I would like to accomplish in the future that would make me an overall better person. Staying in touch with my musical side has been a struggle because I feel that I have drifted away from all the intriguing musical activities I used to take part of. A goal that I had in mind and I would like to finally accomplish would be to learn how to play the guitar. First, if I learn how to play guitar people will admire my talent. I have always thought that people who played guitar were very intelligent because of their amazing talent. At church, I admired the guitarist because he played the guitar so well, and you could tell he actually had talent when he played the guitar. When I watched him play, he played the guitar so effortlessly and he made it seem like it was easy to play the guitar as good as he did. When he got a new piece of music that he had to prepare for church he picked up all the complicated chords…show more content…
My dad always told me that music is beautiful because it was the sound of the world. My dad felt that music is in everything and you just have to put all the sounds together to make it harmonize with each other to sound like music. I thought that was beautiful the way he thought of music that way and I put that in consideration every time I play music. Also, creating music makes me feel more creative, when I learned how to play the piano over the summer it made me feel like an artist. I feel that I’m already pretty creative but playing an instrument can help me channel that creativity. When I play instruments it feels like meditation because I don’t have to focus anything else but playing the instrument. Therefore, learning how to play the guitar will help me get in touch with my musical

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