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Music is probably one of the most influential things throughout my life. I have never had something moving like music before not even speeches or movies. The crazy thing about music is that there’s almost everything for every mood imaginable. For me music is one of the priceless special gift god has ever given to all living things, not just for humans but also for animals. The way it influences me and others is something magical. Music is like a medicine, it heals your soul and spirit. It makes you feel alive and makes your life more valuable than anything else. For this reason I have been able to devote the time and energy necessary to musical accomplishment even though money has always been tight and that’s why I need a strong financial…show more content…
I didn’t have a voice teacher who can guide me because my parents couldn’t manage to pay for my teacher. I started searching the internet for lessons, and surprisingly found many lessons on YouTube channels like NYVC, singing success and many others. I have financial problem which made it difficult for me not only to buy musical materials but also to attend school. It was really frustrating to experience this but thanks to music I get inspired a lot and relieve my frustration. So I started working, saving and betting on my educational results with friends and my parents to buy what I think is necessary for me and after two years, I was able to buy a guitar, keyboard piano. I felt like I had everything but I later I realized I was missing the most important part: voice teacher. Not just a voice teacher but a teacher who has the ability to pass his/her knowledge and skills to the student as well as a teacher who can explain it simply and doesn’t follow the “just trust me it works” principle. Finding such an amazing voice teacher is so expensive than I have ever imagined and it would take lots of years to prepare for that. Having a big dream and professional voice tutor is something that I couldn’t afford financially. That’s why am sincerely asking NYVC to provide me with the scholarships needs a strong financial

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