Essay About Music While Studying

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Music today is being used all of the time, and now we can have it. Wherever we are, we have music, but the main question asked is if that’s a good thing or not. Many people enjoy using music as background noise when studying, some of these people may not realize it, but the music could be ruining their studying for them. This is different for everybody and they all have their own opinions about it. There are many different articles and people trying to prove themselves right, but this is a question i’m not sure will ever be answered. Music can do great things to you. Listening to music while studying improves your attention, memory, and math skills. It can also lessen depression and anxiety, this helps you focus on what is important at that moment. Clearing your head opens up your brain to new things, studying at this time will let new information get in letting you remember information better. At school it is a great way to stay focused while working independently, most people stay on task with music because there are not…show more content…
Many other people agree with this saying that music keeps them focused and helps them study, but there are also people that disagree with this statement. Listening to music while studying doesn’t help us all, sometimes it distracts other people. There was no difference between listening to music and not listening to music while studying. People can 't decide what helps you because of what they feel is what helps them. Don’t go off of how it is for you, you will probably have a different opinion on what helps you and what distracts you. Many people might also be going through harder times than you, needing music to block the world out. You are telling them that they “can’t” listen to music while studying can make it worst on them. This could add so much stress to them making it difficult to remember anything. Having so much stress can put many thoughts inside of your head while you are studying, while this happens it makes studying
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