My Observation Report

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My dad says that my mom died, but my family members say she ran away when I was three. Who do I believe? I don’t know really know anymore. Let me start from the beginning: I’m Nick. I am a fifteen year old teenager that lives in San Francisco, California, and I live with my dad in an apartment. It has just been my dad and I living in a lonely, brick, cold, one level home. I’m just your average teenager going to high school - getting good grades, but when it comes to field trips, I somehow seem to always mess something up without even trying. A normal routine that I do when I come home from school is binge watch shows until dinner is ready, which is pretty much when my dad comes home with fresh, cheesy pizza. After I eat, I watch more Netflix than the amount of time I sleep at night. That routine is repeated day after day. Honestly, the more I age, the boring-er my life gets. I guess something I should be looking forward to is my birthday, which is seven days from now. If people were to ask me if i’m excited to turn “the exciting” sixteen, I…show more content…
Does this connect with something about my mom? Or maybe I’m just overthinking it. I need to worry about my biology test that I “forgot” to study for; when I say “forgot” I mean procrastinated. All my teachers don’t really like me because I am always late to class. It’s not my fault! My dad doesn’t have time to drop me off, the bus doesn’t come by my house, so I have to bike about three miles to get to class. Overall, I think - I mean I know I am a responsible student - I always do my homework, clean my lab, get good grades, and I am respectful to all my teachers. Okay, I need to stop talking about school because I’m getting stressed out. I know what you are thinking - I easily get off topic. Anyways, going back to the phone call; I plan on doing some undercover investigation this week. I cannot let this phone call distract me throughout the day
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