Essay About My Birthday

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In the year 2002 my life was everlastingly changed. At the age of five most kids are going to school, playing in their backyards, or even playing toss with their favorite pet but at the age of five I was going to drug homes watching my mother and father get high and wasted on things that shouldn’t even exist. In the month of May in 2004 my birthday was coming up and like every kid I was bugging my parents on what present I admired and how many kids had it but they just didn’t care. On the morning of my seventh birthday I woke up to a huge surprise and no it was not the cool present I wanted it was my mother gone. Crying and asking my father were she had gone, tears rolling down his face , me asking why she had gone, was the breaking point of my year.
The month after my seventh birthday my mother was still gone and was no were to be found. I didn’t understand if she had left because of drugs or if she didn’t want anything to do with me. On the first day of school I woke up to my dad talking on the phone to someone and it was my mom! Excited by the sound of that I ran to the kitchen and my dad looked so depressed and upset. Not knowing why he was upset I immediately went and asked him and he said that my mom was finally coming home. So ecstatic and full of energy I wanted to skip the first day and wait on my mom to come home because I had missed her so much. Dad was in a bad mood so I had to go to the first day of school and suffer while I knew my mother could possibly be
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