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Sitting here and looking back to when I was a little kid, I dreamed of countless profession. There was an astronaut, scientist, surgeon, veterinarian, nurse, pilot, detective, air hostage, chief, and so on. If I have to list of all the career I have ever think of it would take forever. However, I remember the first career I wanted to be is a lawyer. I grew up in a family that my parents and relatives’ influences are very dominant. My family is quite traditional and old-fashion. Most of my family members except my parents want me to pursue a career like them. My grandfather was a doctor. My grandmother was a merchandiser. My father is a business owner. My aunts worked for a national bank. However, I did not interested in any of those careers…show more content…
Therefore, I am also going to use this result as one of the tools to help me figure out a specific position, organisation, or environment that suits me and that I have the most passion about. Based on my personal perspective, I enjoyed working in a group, discussing and coming up with ideas to solve social issues. I prefer exchanging ideas with people to gain a different perspective on a topic. During the past year of college, all the activities and classes have always heightened my passion and helped me to explore deeper on what are some particular context that I want to dig into. It also helped me to put in order each step I have to accomplish in order to shape my career plan. To prepare myself, I am making sure that I put an effort in studying, learning, and engaging in activities as much as possible to improve my skills and gain experiences. Moreover, I will try to volunteer for activities and camps outside the university in order to explore more on

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