An Essay About My Culture

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My Culture! There are millions and millions of people living in this world, and every single one of them has their own culture. Everyone’s culture is used to tell their story of who they are, where they come from, but most important what they represent. Culture can be defined as a person’s behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, values, traditions, thoughts, and so on. My culture is nothing more than ordinary to everyone, but to me my culture is what makes me, ME! Living in the world today, time is very important because time is constantly moving to fast to waste any of it. In my culture, the American culture, everyone is obsessed with time mainly because everyone is extremely impatient. If Americans have to wait in line or have to wait for things in general, they hate it. I work at McDonalds, so I get to witness, firsthand how impatient people can be. I know time is not important to everyone, but in my world, and in my culture, it is. Eating habits, are also important in my culture, I like the rest of the American culture love to eat. Americans’ eating habits are all over the place from the healthiest eater to the least healthy eater. Wherever on might fall on the scale the American eating culture is a huge thing. As I…show more content…
The Code sets a certain standard the will help social workers make a decision with when ethical issues come into play. These codes of Ethics are similar and not similar to my culture. With time, the Code tells the social worker that they must be patience and not rush through certain things. Style of dress, social etiquette, music are important to my culture, but when it comes to the Code of Ethics those things must be filtered to a more professional level rather than doing whatever you want. The Code of Ethics doesn’t affect the areas of holiday customs, eating habits, or child raising that are important to my

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