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Every day i have choices on how i start my day i always go with how i want my day to go and what i want to attract from it. When it 's a self-ruling day where i don 't have work or occupations to worried about i do things that make me less stressful. If i have assignments from school that 's the first thing i work on; this is because i don 't want to stress more if i don 't turn it in on time. Part of my day outside of school deals with school work or free time which i occupied myself on. My day outside of school has to be planned it 's very vital for me to have a schedule because i don 't want to forget missing assignments or due dates during my day.

After my day from school i go directly to cross country practice i love to run and its something i have passion and the season always starts the first semester of school. Practices always start at the beginning of august and end at the end of october. Every day between warm ups i have some time to converse with my teammates about our days during school and how hard it is. We dont complain but we just feel sometimes classes are hard but soon with our workout starts we have time to forget and stress less about it.
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In the meantime while im selling i will also take my boxes with me just in case someone would love to buy me snacks. Every wednesday or thursday i will stay after school if i feel like i will struggle with a subject i directly go to tutoring. That is why i am lucky to have a teacher who can help me enough so i could understand, i am very grateful for my school and for the teachers who care about the students i admire them and that is why i have respect towards every each of them. Each time i will stay it takes about two hours this is because i 'm not the only one and there 's also students who need help as well that the teacher knows how to multi task and help everyone who comes. Conversely after tutoring i go home and have time to look at my work and organize and prepare before my next day
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