Essay About My Experience In High School

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High School, currently I am a senior at Kealakehe High School and have been going to this school for the past 4 years of my high school education , honestly I like to think of myself as a hardworking lain back kind of person, when I am hardworking when I need to and chill and relaxed when I have no other things I have to do, Though my experience in high school I have learned stuff the lame and hard way by my laid back attitude in my first 2 years and have been using more of my hardworking side to catch up on credits in my last 2 years of high school. One of my strengths as of now is striving and persisting by hard work and actually taking time out of my free time to actually do my school work and study, though I may not do every single piece of work given to me, well that wasn't always my strengths in high school, cause I personally had
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