Essay About My First Time Experience

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First-Time Experience Many people have different outtake on their first-time experiences. In my case, it was very exciting, painful, and fun. There has been tough times during the process, but it was worth my time and efforts. I would have been able to do this activity in my everyday life without the help of my family. I have lived in a village where there were so many trees and plants across the area. It was going to be a special night for me. My family was planning a birthday party for me, and I was given my first bike on my twelfth birthday. It was given to me in an interesting way because I did not know how they were able to afford one. My parents told me how the bought it when the party was over. Since I was overjoyed, I wanted to take it on a spin, but my mother told me that I would have to wait until tomorrow because it was dark outside. It was around 8pm when the party was over, so I helped cleaning the place up and then I was writing “Thank You” cards for the guests that came over to my party. After all the cleaning and the cards, my mother told me to write a special card for my grandparents because they contributed most of their time and money for the party and that special gift of yours. I then wrote so many kind words that would fill the entire card which brought joy to my…show more content…
It was just in time that my mother set everything ready, and my family members came to eat with us. My grandparents also came to say their wishes for me, which brightened up my day. They brought me another present, but this was more than I could have imagined. It was a sincere letter that really got to my heart because of the heart-filled memories of the experiences of my grandparents and I. Many have told me that I was the luckiest boy because I had many family members who always came to my birthday parties. It was time to say my goodbyes to my family as they drove back to their
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