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Memoir 1# draft
The first time to learn riding a bike

There are numerous the first time in our life and each first time is the process of challenging myself and improving myself. The first time to ride a bike give me deep and profound impression. In my 10th birthday, I received my birthday present from my uncle—— a beautiful bicycle. I was happy very much. I was admired that seeing others riding a bicycle go through quickly by my side each time with an attitude of handsome previously. But now, the thing is different because I also had my personal and beautiful bicycle . I wheeled my bicycle in the open space in haste and joyfully just like a baby bird found the food and yelled in a loud voice
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It was difficult for me because in my primary school I only learned more than two subjects: Chinese and Math. I had so much homework to do and reviewed learned courses and previewed courses every day .The mid-term exam and final exam of seven subjects made me full of burden in my body and spirit . I was messed every day . After midterms, I got my grades . It was awful and terrible. I tasted the taste of failure. It attacked me and let me lose the motivation of learning. I didn’t want to study and even let off school. After my father knew what happened to me, he smiled to me and said: Did you remember the first time to ride a bike? The school learning was similar to ride a bicycle. I knew so many courses you had to learn and it was difficult. However, the other students were also in the same circumstance. They didn’t give up study instead of overcoming the difficulties and found the learning method. Where there is a will, there is a way. You should give a list of courses and put important and emergency things first then do important and not emergency things. Try to remember and understand what teachers had taught as much as possible in the class . Then you did homework quickly, easily and correctly . As for homework, chose the easy one to do first, you will feel the sense of achievement . Then chose a little difficult one, try to challenge it with sense of achievement. Next , chose difficult one to do . Practice more you will know the study method, just like learning to ride a bike. Nothing is impossible to a willing
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