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When I think about my future career, factors that are important to me include what the workspace will be like, who will I be working with, how will my mental health be affected, and will my career be able to support me financially. My mother has struggled with all of these factors while working in her career and she ended up moving to another job because of it. I’ve seen her struggle because of her prior job and struggle now with her current one. I want to make sure I can find a career with jobs that won’t put me what she has gone through. Three careers I am considering are a secondary school teacher because I understand this career the most, postsecondary history teacher because it has my main interest, and occupational therapist because I…show more content…
This career would require a Master’s degree and knowledge about service orientation, psychology, and therapy and counseling. Depending on where I would be hired I would most likely be working in an office-type are with patients one-on-one. This career has the highest entry-level salary at $51,670 and average annual salary at $78,420 of all three careers. It also helps that job openings around the United States is as high as 10,528. I’ve been able to ask about the career with my own therapist and she’s given similar information about responsibilities like advising on health risks in the workplace or on health-related transition to retirement and planning different activities for patients depending on their needs and handicaps. The concerns I have with this being my career are how my own mental health will be affected. (“Occupational Therapists”). Having a therapist can really help people with whatever they have going on, but being on the other end of it seems daunting and a little worrying. Becoming an occupational therapist isn’t completely off the table for me, but it’s the career that I’m not as well-versed

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