Personal Narrative: My Developing Education During Freshman Year

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How was my developing education during Freshman year and Senior year? When growing up in my house there were two different types of language based on parents by my dad only speaking Spanish and my mom speaking both English and Spanish. And at the age of 8 years old my mom and dad took me and siblings to Mexico and studying, but learning new ways how to write and read. Made me suffer a lot, even though my mother and father always made me practice and not forgetting allowed me to understand many things. And at the age of 13 years old my mom and my dad brought me back to the United States to study and for me it was really difficult because I was already used in writing and ready in one language for me it was basically like for me knowing a new…show more content…
From a freshman to a senior I grew a lot because in freshman and sophomore years I had always touched that I had to more years then I could catch up all of my credit so I could be able to graduate. But that did happen because in freshman I was a really social person and my grades were really bad I was not doing my homework I would rarely go to class than I had to get into a contracted. Even writing essay it always been hard for me because I would not practice now through junior and senior years I have been during I really improve a lot because now I go to my classes every day do all of my homework I practice all of my essays. And even sometimes I try to get involved with school like going a sport and it allows me always having a good Gpa so I could be able to play the sport. How does my learning impact my learning experience during high school? What I reflect in my learning experiences that it was not bad, but I think could have better because if I weren 't paying attention than I think that I know I was able to do something that allowed myself to make my parents proud. And how in my junior years I was able to pass all of my class by making all effort that I have ever done by not going with my friend, doing my work asking questions of something that I did not understand also I would be more focus than I ever been during my high school
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